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LevelFinder 3.0 iPhone & iPad App

Welcome to the official site for the LevelFinder iPhone and iPad app.  LevelFinder is an iPhone and iPad universal app that allows you to look up the AR™ level of a book on the go with a quick, simple and easy to use interface. 

My name is Brandie, and I am the developer of LevelFinder. One day I was at the county library with my children, and I wanted to look up the AR™ levels of some of the books my kids were looking at. I thought, "There's got to be an app for that!" So I fire up the app store, only to find that there wasn't one. So, seeing as how I am a programmer by profession, I decided to make an app for that.

Now there is a company provided app to look up the AR™ level of books, however LevelFinder still has some distinct advantages over the company provided app:
  • LevelFinder does not require a user account to search for books.  Any parent, teacher, child or relative can easily find book information.
  • LevelFinder allows more search options
  • LevelFinder does not require a network connection to view information; therefore searches are quick
  • LevelFinder is simple and has one purpose: to display information about books that have AR™ levels assigned to them.  It does this function well, and has not had a single crash report.

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Here's what people are saying about LevelFinder:

"I love this app. We use it at home, in the store, at the library. It has all of the books my kids are looking for. With this app I can pull up a book from the AR™ list and find the level, points, and quiz number in just a few seconds. It's great!"

"I just downloaded your app to my ipod touch and love it! I am our school's PTO president and love it so much that I sent out an email to our board telling them about it!"

"This is the BEST app for ALL teachers! It's so handy to have and easy to use.  Every teacher NEEDS to have it!!!"

"This is a great app for me, simple & straightforward. Good collection of AR™ books."

------ FAQs ------

What is LevelFinder?
LevelFinder is a simple iPhone/iPad application that allows you to look up AR™ level information for many books based on your search criteria.

How many books?
Over 120,000 books! This is almost every single english title AR™ book available.

Are Spanish Titles Included?

Not at this time. I have considered creating a spanish version of LevelFinder. If that would be helpful to you please let me know and I will try to get that out there.

Are these all the books that have AR™ levels?

No. I am not associated in any way with Renaissance Learning™ so I do not have access to their complete lists. Instead, I have taken publicly available lists of books with AR™ levels and parsed them into a database. Additionally, books are continually being added to the AR™ lists. The database is updated every few months to include as many of these books as possible.

Just because a book is not listed now, does not mean it will not be listed in the future. If you notice a set of books that are missing from this database, feel free to email them to me ( and I will ensure they are included in a future release.

Will my child be able to take a quiz on all of the books listed in LevelFinder?

This depends on your child's school. Each school has its own agreements with Renaissance Learning™ that determine which books the school has purchased quizzes for.  LevelFinder does not (and cannot) distinguish between each child's school.  It simply gives you the information for each book.  Even if your school does not have a quiz on the book, LevelFinder can still help ensure your child reads within his or her level.

Do you need a network or wifi connection to look up book information?

No. The book information is stored in the database used by LevelFinder.  This means all the information is stored locally on your device.  It also means that the search process is extremely quick, as there is no waiting to download the search information.

Do you need a user account to look up book information?
No, you do not.  LevelFinder is an app that displays information that is already available to anyone for free.  It does not give the ability to complete quizes, or access individual child or school information.  For these reasons, you do not need to have an account to use this app.  All book information is quickly and easily obtained without an account.

What fields can you search on?

-- Book Title (Full or Partial)
-- Author First Name
-- Author Last Name
-- Book Level
-- Points

Can you search on more than one field at a time?

Yes. You can search on any combination of the above fields to obtain a list of books, or a specific book.

What information is given for the books?

-- Book Title
-- Book Level
-- Author Name(s)
-- Points
-- Quiz Number
-- Type (Fiction/Non-Fiction)

What is the most current version of this app?

This most current version of LevelFinder is 3.0.

What is new in the latest version of the app?

-- Renamed ARFinder to LevelFinder
-- New icons
-- Search by Points Added
-- FREE iPad Support (with its own unique interface)
-- 1,500+ Books added
-- Improvements to iPhone user interface
-- Info/Features/Contact Tab Added

Is this app available on the iPad?

Yes, LevelFinder is now available to the iPad as well as the iPhone.  LevelFinder is an universal app, which means that one purchase allows this app to run on both an iPhone/iPod and an iPad, provided the same iTunes account is used for both devices.

Will you be putting this app on the Android?

Yes!  I am currently in the process of creating this app for the Android platform.  I don't know how long it will take me to do this, but you should anticipate this app to be released within the next couple months.

Are you open to suggestions for features, and/or bug reports?

Absolutely! I would love to know how I can make this app work better for you. I will gladly take any suggestions. And, by all means, if you find a bug, let me know as soon as possible!

How Can I Contact You?

Email me at:

------ Screenshots: iPhone/iPod App ------

LevelFinder is simple, easy to use, and performs its function well.

------ Screenshots: iPad App ------

LevelFinder is simple, easy to use, and performs its function well.

* AR is a registered trademark of Renaissance Learning.  LevelFinder is not associated in any way with Renaissance Learning

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